History:  For more than 26 years residents of Southwest Ohio have turned to Second Chance Wildlife for native wildlife questions and concerns.  We have been here for our community 365 days a year.  Since our founding, our in-home based Wildlife Rehabilitators have provided over 50,000 orphaned and injured wild animals a second chance at life in the wild.  In these years, volunteer and public attendance at our wildlife education programs has surpassed 5,000.  Today we are at a crossroads.  Our in-home Wildlife Rehabilitators can no longer keep pace with the demand.

Need:  A Second Chance Wildlife Rescue Association Center. Having a Wildlife Center will expand our capacity to provide the best possible wildlife rehabilitation care to our native wildlife and training for our volunteers, engage the public in formal and informal learning experiences, offer student internship opportunities, and provide education to help everyone become a conservationist.

Vision: Almost all Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education organizations have a “Wildlife Center”. Our volunteers and the wildlife entrusted to their care will benefit from a center. A Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation, Education, and Conservation Center will allow us to remain on the cutting edge of wildlife care, education, and research. This will be the 1st state and federally permitted Wildlife Center in Southwest Ohio for mammals, songbirds, shorebirds, and waterfowl. Having a “Wildlife Center” would improve the care our wildlife patients receive; increase the exceptional educational training opportunities we can make available to our volunteers and the public; and promote our message of the importance of conservation of our wildlife, a precious natural resource.

Objectives and Community Outcomes:

Having our own “Wildlife Center” would

  • expand our volunteer base.
  • allow us to offer an array of important and needed training seminars for our volunteers.
  • increase our public education programs.
  • be an always available location for the public to bring animals where they will receive proper care and treatment.
  • facilitate the quarantine of sick or contaminated wild animals.
  • allow us to fulfill the many requests we get for student internships.

2017 Second Chance Wildlife Milestones:

  • Published the newly updated 3rd Edition of our Wildlife Rehabilitation Manual.
  • Hosted the first-ever of-its-kind Parasitology Workshop where each participant received a new microscope and testing supplies. This workshop was partially funded by a grant from The Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust.
  • Had 55 in attendance at our annual 2-day Spring Training – largest group ever.
  • Identified a parasite in raccoons (crenisoma vulpis) that has only been documented two other times in the United States. In cooperation with the Ohio Division of Wildlife and the Southwest Cooperative Disease Study (University of Georgia) molecular and genetic tests are being conducted on this strongyloid parasite.
  • Updated our Phone Volunteer Wildlife Helpline Manual, first published in 2014.
  • Published our first Volunteer Handbook, a useful guidance and reference tool for new and returning volunteers.
  • Were chosen by the University of Cincinnati Masters Degree Program Website Design Project for a complete make-over of our website and a new logo design.
  • Provided close-to $10,000 for formula, supplies and medical care and $8,000 in wildlife education expenses for our Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Volunteers.

Budget and Timeline:  Although we are not yet site specific, we are exploring opportunities that meet our criteria.  Our Board of Directors has established a Capital Campaign fundraising goal of $150,000.  We hope to have the real estate transactions complete and our “Wildlife Center” open and fully operational by the end of 2018.  The project will be funded through a combination of resources including pledges and grants from individuals, foundations and corporations.  On-going operations of the center will be funded through our existing fundraising efforts – our annual Holiday Fundraiser, Membership, Individual and Corporate Donations, Kroger Community Rewards, Amazon Smiles and several special events.

Second Chance Wildlife requests your help. We respectfully ask you to consider making a pledge to our Wildlife Center Capital Campaign.  Southwest Ohio needs a technologically-advanced Wildlife Center – one that will provide thousands more wildlife animals with modern care and treatment; an established location our volunteers can come to for training and assistance; a place where the public community can learn about local wildlife, sustaining and living in harmony with this precious natural resource.