Outreach Education Programs

Why an educational program with Second Chance Wildlife Rescue Association? Well that’s easy!  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and the proceeds go towards providing care for our Outreach Education animals and our continued wildlife conservation efforts. Enjoy your program knowing you are supporting the care of Second Chance Wildlife’s Education animals and helping conserve Ohio’s wildlife at the same time. Book with Second Chance Wildlife and your suggested $125 per program donation is tax deductible.

Second Chance Wildlife Outreach Education Director, Sheri, is a retired master science teacher who is fun and engages the participants throughout the program.

We give educational programs to schools, youth groups, libraries, retirement communities, community centers, and any other person or organization interested. Educational programs are limited to personal time availability.  We will make EVERY EFFORT to fill your request for an educational program.

Our programs last approximately one hour, but we will customize our program to meet your time availability and current teaching curriculum or area of study.

When available we will bring a live wildlife education animal. We maintain positive control and restraint with the animals at all times, and we take all safety measures necessary.  We will also bring shells, artifacts, and other reptile/mammal bones and hides.

Contact Sheri at 513-756-9240 or via e-mail at slrnuttall@yahoo.com to schedule your education program.  

Second Chance Wildlife Rescue Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit #31-1347679.

Second Chance Wildlife is fully insured to the maximum required per Ohio law.

The following programs are just a small sample of what we can offer! Each one hour program has a suggested donation of $125.

Mammals are Marvelous:

Feel the furs, examine the skulls, and observe a variety of stuffed specimens. Select mammals from an extremely large collection of animal toys and work together to assemble a life-sized floor puzzle of an endangered mammal.

“Ohanna”, our Opossum:

Clear up any misunderstandings you might have about Ohio’s only native marsupial. The role they play in our ecosystem is revealed as we watch her explore and eat a variety of food choices. Their unique physical adaptations are shown in a hands-on approach.

Screechin’ Sophia:

Our education bird of prey is Ohio’s smallest owl. She and her stuffed companions may not be very vocal in front of an audience, but Sophia, the screech owl is sure to captivate your attention none the less. Preening and inspection of feathers, feet, and beaks makes this unique program even more special.

Turtle Talk:

Meet several species of native turtles as well as “Queenie” our very large sulcata tortoise from Egypt.  Learn the proper way to handle and care for turtles. Predict which turtle will win as they ‘race’ across the floor. And finally, watch them as they devour their favorite foods.

Reptiles Rate:

Ohio has quite a few native reptiles, and most of them are out true ecological friends. Find out how many hands it takes to hold our official state reptile and how to tell the difference between venomous and non-venomous snakes. Watching the snakes eat is available dependent upon the age level of the audience and the hunger level of “Bert” and “Granite”, our educational snakes.