Meet Our Members



Mary has been a wildlife rehabilitator since 1987 and is the President/Founder of Second Chance Wildlife Rescue Association which she founded in 1991 after the Cincinnati Zoo discontinued their Raise and Release program. Mary became a rehabilitator because of the good feeling she gets when she can help an animal in need of assistance and currently provides care for one bobcat! She is also a facilitator for Project WILD. Her favorite thing about Second Chance Wildlife is the generous members, donors, and volunteers without whom Second Chance Wildlife could not exist.



Vice President/Executive Director

Alicia has been involved with Second Chance Wildlife for five years and is currently our Vice President/Executive Director.  She got involved when one of her friends, Kathy, told her about Second Chance Wildlife and what we do. She came on as a sub-permittee, attended our Spring Training, and left with her very first rehabilitation animal. The rest is history! Alicia currently provides care for squirrels, raccoons, and songbirds. Her favorite thing about Second Chance Wildlife is the network of people she has been able to meet and become friends with. She is also very active in the homeschool community and with the Hamilton County 4-H.




Carolyn is an Assistant Professor EMS at UC Clermont College Paramedic Program. She has been a wildlife rehabilitator for almost 12 years because of her love for animals and provides care for everything except snakes! Carolyn says her favorite thing about Second Chance Wildlife is the genuineness of the organization and the people in it, along with all the help we receive. When she isn’t spending time rehabilitating wildlife, she enjoys camping, crafts, and reading.




Outreach Education Director

Sheri is Second Chance Wildlife’s volunteer Outreach Education Director. She is a retired science teacher and naturalist with over 40 years of experience and is a facilitator for Project WILD. She began rehabilitating orphaned and injured wildlife in 1975 because she wanted to be able to help animals. Currently she provides care for the various species of our education animals, and loves the network and support that Second Chance Wildlife offers our members.



Sub-Permittee of Category 2 Permit Holder

Mary believes she missed her calling as a veterinarian. She has always had multiple animals and is a huge fan of birds. She works full time, so any rehabbing she does is before and after work. Mary has been a sub-permittee for one year under a Second Chance Wildlife category 2 permit holder. She provides care for squirrels, bunnies, raccoons, and doves, and hopes to broaden her experience in the future. She also enjoys learning from the experts at Second Chance during workshops and trainings.