Baby Raccoon Saved

This sweet little newborn raccoon came in with three siblings. Their umbilical cords were still attached and they weighed only 65g. Residential tree work in a nearby city had destroyed the nest, and mom was found deceased underneath the branches. One of our volunteer permitted wildlife rehabilitators took the little family of four and raised them to release.

Neonate Squirrels

Two neonate baby squirrels, one boy and one girl, were brought into our care. They were dehydrated but otherwise healthy so one of one of our sub-permittees raised them under the guidance and support of her permit holder. And thanks to all your generous donations, we were able to provide her with formula, feeding supplies, and crocheted nests. We truly can't do everything we do without your support. THANK YOU!

Baby Squirrels

Hamilton County SPCA officers brought one of our volunteers these three squirrel babies one evening after a failed attempt to reunite with their mother. They are about four weeks old. Their lower incisors are in. You can see a visible slit in their eyelids which is a sign their eyes are about to open, usually fully open by 5 weeks. At this age their weight range is between 70 and 80 grams. They just finished eating in this photo! With full bellies, they are sound asleep!

Skunk Rescued

One evening, two of our members were needed to rescue a young skunk from a storm water drainage pipe. It is uncertain how many days it was trapped there, but some kind neighborhood boys had been dropping food through the grate to it for at least four days. Through our joint efforts with the West Chester Fire Department, we were able to successfully capture the young one, and bring it into rehabilitation care for feeding and observation. It was successfully released back into the wild.