What your donation means to us

Annually, our Helpline averages 15,000 calls and we provide rehabilitation and care to over 3,500 native wild animals. This represents more than 50 species of birds, 14 species of mammals, and 7 species of reptiles and amphibians. The generosity of caring people like you makes all this possible!

Your gift to Second Chance Wildlife will help to provide rehabilitation care to wild animals; to offer education about the vast array of native wildlife and their habitats; to help animals affected by natural and man-made disasters; and to promote the conservation of declining wildlife species.

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Raise and Release Activities

Our volunteers donate their time, resources, and homes to care for the wild animals we take in every day. You can help by making a donation or purchasing one of these products on our wishlist:

  • Latex and leather gloves
  • Cages and puppy pads
  • Vaccinations and medical supplies
  • Bottles and bottle warmers
  • Diapers, towels, washcloths and blankets
  • Food, food preservatives, formula, storage containers

Conservation and Education

We train our volunteer and introduce schoolchildren to our ambassador animals; we also teach why conserving our native species is so important to the survival of our ecosystem. Your support can help offset expenses such as

  • Food and housing for ambassador animals
  • Checkups and transportation for ambassador animals
  • Weekend auditorium rentals for volunteer training
  • Professional educators for volunteer training