I found a wild animal that may need help. 

Please call our Wildlife Helpline at 513-875-3433

If you reach our Wildlife Helpline voicemail, please leave a detailed message that includes:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your location (county or area)
  • The best time for us to call you back
  • Species of animal found
  • Age of animal – adult, juvenile, or baby (how many)
  • Any injuries you think the animal may have
  • Where the animal was found (in a yard, on a street or road, in a home)

Follow the links below for species-specific help:

Found a Bird FAQ

Found a Mammal FAQ

Found a Reptile FAQ

Keep it WARM
  • Place the animal in a carrier or box appropriate for its size and lined with towels or other soft fabric.
  • Injured and young animals need supplemental heat.  The animal can be kept warm with:
    • A heating pad set on LOW and placed under its container.
    • A couple of hot pocket hand warmers placed under the animals bedding inside the container.
    • A sock filled with rice and heated in the microwave then placed under the animals bedding inside the container.
    • A plastic bottle filled with hot water and placed under the animals bedding inside the container.
Keep it DARK
  • Keeping the animal dark minimizes stress and visual stimuli.
  • Cover the container with a lightweight towel or thin blanket.
  • Set the container in a closet, rarely used bathroom or bedroom, or in your garage until you are able to take it to a wildlife rehabilitator.
Keep it QUIET
  • Noise is stressful for wild animals.
  • Set the animal in its container in a location away from noise from people, TV, music or radio playing.

Do NOT try to feed the animal or give it water.

Observe all reunions quietly from a distance. If the youngster is not reclaimed, or parents are not providing care by the end of the day, then rehabilitation assistance should be sought.