About Us

Second Chance Wildlife Rescue Organization is:

  • dedicated to native wildlife education, rehabilitation, and conservation.
  • volunteer-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit.
  • one of the first organizations of its kind in Ohio.
  • a vital service to the public.
  • an important component in monitoring the health of wildlife populations.
  • a participant in the nationwide “Lights Out” program that aims to mitigate damage to migratory bird populations from excess use of lights in and around urban buildings.

Our History

Since our founding in 1991:

  • the public has turned to Second Chance Wildlife seeking help and guidance for their native wildlife questions and concerns.
  • we have been available every day to help.
  • our home-based Wildlife Rehabilitators have provided help to over 50,000 orphaned and injured wild animals, giving them a “second chance” at a life in the wild.
  • the total attendance at public and volunteer education programs has exceeded 5000.

Our Criteria

All Second Chance Wildlife members and volunteers:

  • have special permits from the Ohio Division of Wildlife and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service that allow us to care for wild animals, use certain animals in our Outreach Education Programs, and collect animal artifacts for education purposes.
  • are required by law to follow all the regulations of the permitting state and federal agencies.
  • network with wildlife specialists in Ohio and throughout the United States to provide the most appropriate and best care for our native wildlife species.

Our Vision

A Second Chance Wildlife Center, where:

  • the public can bring found wild animals in need of help and rehabilitation.
  • our home-based wildlife rehabilitators could seek medical help and assistance with the animals entrusted to their care.
  • our team of volunteers could host on-going training for new and returning volunteers so they can provide the best care possible and stay abreast of the rapidly changing science of wildlife rehabilitation.
  • the public can come for fact-based native wildlife education programs.

Want to learn how you can help us reach our goal of building a wildlife rehabilitation home base? Get in touch or donate today!

Our Purpose

Through Special Programs, Social Media and our Wildlife Helpline we:

  • assist the public with any wildlife questions and concerns they may have.
  • encourage wildlife conservation of native species, our most precious natural resource.
  • provide online and classroom training for our wildlife rehabilitation volunteers.
  • offer volunteer opportunities in animal care, event planning and administrative support.
  • help wild animals through admission to rehabilitation care and advice to the public.
  • present a variety of informative outreach education programs to the public.
  • educate about safe and humane nuisance wildlife solutions.

Our Board

Mary Carrelli – President

Mary and her late husband Richard “Dick” founded Second Chance Wildlife in 1991.  She has served 3 terms on the Ohio Wildlife Rehabilitators Association board of directors, is a Project Wild facilitator, and is our grant writer. In addition, Mary coordinates our annual holiday fundraiser and handlies mailings for trainings and special events.

Connie Clements – Vice President

Connie joined Second Chance Wildlife in 1996 when she became an active wildlife rehabilitator.  In addition to providing home based care for numerous birds and mammals every year, she manages our Wildlife Helpline, and is always willing to help in any way she can.

Neva Broderick – Secretary

Neva joined Second Chance Wildlife in 1999 and is an active rehabilitator.  She is a registered veterinary technician.  She helps us maintain our Facebook page, website, and helps with the Wildlife Helpline.  She is a regular speaker at our training, always willing to share her knowledge and expertise with others.

Sheina Gilpin – Treasurer

Sheina joined Second Chance Wildlife in 1994.  In addition to providing rehabilitation care to many wild patients over the years.  She oversees our accounting records. She is always willing to help new volunteers with any wildlife care questions they may have.

Jim Tinnell – Director Wildlife Rehabilitation Volunteer Training

Jim joined Second Chance Wildlife in 2004 and is active providing rehabilitation care to birds and mammals in the Dayton, Ohio area.  He is a registered veterinary technician, a regular presenter at our training sessions, and maintains the PowerPoint programs for our training.  His vast animal care knowledge and experience are an invaluable resource for our volunteers.  He is always willing to help.

Sheri Nuttall – Director Native Wildlife Outreach Education Programs

Sheri joined Second Chance Wildlife in 1994.  She is a retired Master Science Teacher and a Project Wild facilitator.  She manages the daily care needs and maintains all the permits needed for our non-releasable wild education animals.  She schedules all of our Outreach Education Programs and tailors each program to the audience.  She is always ready to volunteer wherever needed.

Barb Seeley – Director United States Fish and Wildlife Service Federal Bird Permit

Barb joined Second Chance Wildlife in 1993.  She is in charge of maintaining the records for our federal bird permit.  She enjoys mentoring new volunteers and shares her years of experience on many topics at our training sessions.  She is always willing to do hands-on training with any volunteer who asks.  She is often counseling a volunteer on what might be the most appropriate treatment for a wild patient.