Volunteer your time and skills to give native Ohio wildlife a second chance!

Wildlife Rehabilitator

While providing wildlife rehabilitation help to an animal can sometimes be very emotionally challenging, nothing equals the feeling of seeing an animal you gave a second chance at life, being freed in its natural, wild habitat.

When considering volunteering as a wildlife rehabilitator, please note:

  • Ohio Law requires you are an adult (18 and older) to volunteer.
  • We will help you fulfill permit requirements established by the Ohio Division of Wildlife to care for mammals and the United States Fish & Wildlife Service to care for avian species.

Wildlife Rehabilitator Assistant

Rehabilitator’s need help, too! Another valuable way to volunteer is by helping your local wildlife rehabilitator with various animal care tasks:

  • Animal laundry – towels, blankets, bedding
  • Cage cleaning
  • Washing animal carriers
  • Preparing food and formula

Wildlife Helpline

  • Volunteer for a 4-hour shift – 8 am to noon, or noon to 4 pm, or 4 pm to 8 pm.
  • Volunteers needed every day of the year.
  • Training provided.

Media, Social, & Education Outreach

  • Help keep our Facebook page educational and informative.
  • Represent Second Chance Wildlife at public events.
  • Promote native wildlife education, rehabilitation, and conservation through a fact based and responsible approach.